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Leadership Circle Europe

Virtual LDP- Pulse Certification – July 3-4, 2024| 2:00pm – 5:00pm CET

Virtual LDP- Pulse Certification – July 3-4, 2024| 2:00pm – 5:00pm CET

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2:00pm – 5:00pm CET - 2 days

An extension of the Leadership Circle Profile™, the Pulse™ survey process allows leaders to track their development progress against their development goals and associated behaviors.

The LDP-Pulse Certification is packed with content designed to help you understand, work with Leadership Development Plans and effectively debrief the Pulse assessment for individuals and groups.

The Pulse contains three assessments conducted over a 6-12 month period. After each assessment, results are captured in a brief, clearly illustrated summary report that leaders can use to chart their progress and course correct or continue to solidify operating shifts and behaviors. When the first Pulse round is done, this sets up the perfect time to start anew.

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1-Anmelden & Vorab-Zulassung erhalten

2-Leadership Circle Profile beginnen (1 Std.)

3-Persönliches Debrief (90 Minuten) mit dem Coach vereinbaren und durchführen

4-Vorarbeit der Zertifizierung abschließen (2 Std.)

5-An der Zertifizierung teilnehmen (24 Std.)

6-Reflexions und Lernaufgabe nach der Zertifizierung abschließen (3 Std.)

7-HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH! Sie sind jetzt ein LCP-Zertifizierter Anwender!

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